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Spending time in the company of a beautiful woman is the dream of many men. Whether you are living in NYC, in the city vacationing, or traveling for business, it can be difficult to meet such a woman. Constraints on your time and simply not knowing where to find personable and sophisticated young women of great beauty and poise can make it seem almost impossible to realize your dream. In addition, you want the woman you spend time with to be both adventurous enough to try new things and accommodating so that your unique needs are met.

At NewYorkEscortsEscorts.com, we can make those dreams a reality for you and on your own time table. We have a selection of women who possess those exact qualities that you desire most. In fact, these New York escorts are only a quick phone call or email away from making your wildest dreams come true. Whether you want to book an escort for several weeks in advance or you have the need for that special someone in just a few hours, we are ready to help you find your perfect match. While we believe we offer our clients the most gorgeous girls in the city, we are always happy and excited to work with you to find the exact women to meet your dreams if you want to try something a bit different.

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Have you ever fantasized of spending the day or night with two or three super hot babes? Well, we can make that happen for you in no time. Whatever you are looking for, as long as it’s legal, we will make it happen for you. Clients from all over the world call use every day looking for that special date with a hot woman, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

NewYorkEscortsEscorts.com is your premier source for the finest ladies of New York. We have been in business and in place for over 10 years and we welcome the opportunity to fill your needs. We offer affordable escorts for your dream date at a price that will not haunt your nightmares. We can have a New York escort on your doorstep within an hour usually and we can guarantee that she will be one of the hottest girls that you have ever walked down the street with.

We know that sometimes there are things that stand between you and that perfect date and we are here to take down those obstacles and make life easier for you. Whether it is a business function, a family or other type or party or you just want to hit the town with a gorgeous woman, then we are here for you. At the same time, there is no reason to break the bank to make this happen and that is why our prices are some of the best in the industry. We know that you work hard and we know that you want to play hard. For that reason we make things safe and easy so that you have to worry about nothing more than what it is that you want to do for fun.

We have taken care of everything. We can even pick the places to go and the things to do if you are feeling like you just want to lay back and enjoy the ride. This is great for those people that are out of town and do not really know the area very well. Most of the girls have been in this area for most of their life and most of them know some places that will surprise you to the very end. The girls can take you to the most elegant restaurants or to the most deprived back alley dives that only a few people know about. It is completely up to you what you to do and it is completely up to you where you want to go.

Take your time and enjoy the night, the prices are so great that you can afford to have more than a few hours of fun and the night can be one that you will remember for the rest of your life. Most services are so pricey that taking one of the girls to a dinner party is near impossible. By the time that you have made the first round at the party you have to come up with some excuse for your “date” to leave. For someone that is trying to make a few people jealous here and there, this is not the ideal situation. That is why we keep the prices low and the fun level high. We are here to worry about the little things, so do not sweat the small stuff.

The best thing about using an escort service is that there is no need to go through the long and arduous ordeal that it takes to get a date in modern times. This can be very expensive and quite hard to swallow for most people. There is also the fact that most dating has a much higher cost than an escort service, such as ours. There is a cost to nearly every moment of a traditional date and these costs just keep going up and up as time goes by. It can be more than $50 for a movie for two people and that is before hitting the concession stand. There is another $20-50 at the concession stand and that is before dinner later.

A dinner for two is well over $75 or more and that is at a run of the mill chain restaurant that may or may not come close to impressing that potential mate. Then, just to top off the expense report, there is gasoline and/or cabs and let us not forget that gas is, on the average, around $4 per gallon. The dating game can get real expensive and in a matter of no time. There is a bare minimum of $200 between the dinner and the movie and that is just the foundation. A man should be ready with the funds if a girl wants to hit another hot spot. The man better hope it is not a club. That could mean $50 in cover charges and around ten bucks a pop for drinks.

Absolute Discretion to Protect Your Privacy

We are completely committed to discretion and the protection of your privacy. That commitment to protecting you and helping you to relax starts when you contact us for the first time. We will never reveal to anyone that you contacted us. We will never share that contact information with another living soul. That means we don’t sell your email to a third party mailing list, and you’ll never have to worry about getting any spam from us. But we also don’t share your information with anyone else. You may have heard recently about a very high profile hack involving one of the world’s most popular “affair” sites. The site sold its business on the basis of its ability to protect its users’ identities

The stories aren’t pretty when it comes down to it. The site wasn’t protecting its users’ identities at all. The hackers first tried to blackmail the site owners, and when the owners refused, the hackers posted ten gigabytes of data online with the names, emails, and other account information of all the site’s users. In total, over thirty million people had their information compromised. The results were devastating, because there were millions of people out there who needed discretion for their romantic lives who did not receive that discretion. As a result, they were horribly mistreated and some of them have had their lives ruined. There have even been some suicides directly linked the hack attack and data dump.

You don’t have to worry about any of that when you work with us. Your romantic life, and how you choose to date, is entirely your business. Our service is legal and we take great pride in that, but we also know that you don’t necessarily want your family and friends to know you have hired escorts. New York escorts, or at least the ones we work with, are skilled and experienced at keeping your confidence. Not only will they never reveal to anyone else that you used our service, nor will they tell anyone else about you or things they learn about you, but they don’t discuss their dates with their fellow New York escorts.

Our New York escorts are completely discrete and we have implemented a lengthy screening process to make sure our service stays that way. You don’t want to step out on the town with an escort who’ll tell anyone she knows all about you, and our girls understand that. We don’t keep anyone on staff who can’t maintain a client’s privacy. This is the respect we have for you. We know that you can’t relax and enjoy yourself to the fullest if you are worried about your personal information. That’s why we work so hard to protect it. We store nothing that could get “hacked” and we tell no one about your time with us. The way we see it, your New York escort experience is entirely your business. Our business is making sure you are satisfied, and we are very good at it. You can always count on us to protect you and to respect you. Use our service in complete confidence.

Have you Considered Booking More Than One Girl?

You may not realize it, but one of the services we offer you is the ability to book not just one beautiful young woman for the time of your choosing, but two of them (or more). Give some serious thought to taking advantage of this offer. Every man has the fantasy of being with more than one woman. It taps all of our longest held fantasies and desires about having a harem of beautiful women at our disposal (something that wealthy and powerful men of ancient times were happy to do). Haven’t you always wanted more than one woman at a time in your life? It’s because while a man may be fortunate enough in his life to score a lovely woman from time to time, it’s very rare that he meets a pair of women who are so into him they are willing to share him with each other. You see this regularly with very wealthy men, of course, such as with famous playboys.

Just take a look at image sharing site Instagram sometime. The rich men of Instagram are always surrounded by a bevy of scantily clad, sexy girls. Some say it’s because they’re wealthy and they pay the women to hang around and make them look like studs. But what would be the point of that? Well, every man wants to be seen by his fellow men, and by other women, as very handy with the ladies. There isn’t a man alive who doesn’t want to be perceived as the kind of guy who commands a veritable harem of lovely women. So rich men often arrange circumstances such that they are surrounded by an entourage of beautiful women, because they know this impresses the people around them.

Another reason to consider booking more than one woman at a time is that it multiplies the effect of how others see you when you travel in the company of sexy women. All women perform a kind of evaluation of the men they see. When they see a man with a beautiful woman, their natural insecurity makes them compare themselves to that woman. They also wonder what qualities that man has that he has been able to secure the company of that woman. Hiring a New York escort allows you to make them wonder about that, and raises your perceived value in their eyes… because the assumption is that if a woman that stunning, a woman that beautiful, a woman that sexy wants to spend time with you, then there must be some reason for it, and other women start to wonder if they could secure your time and attention too and if they measure up to the woman you are with.

Dating two or more of our incredible New York escorts (New York is one of the best places for this) is just the beginning of the powerful multiplying effect. When you walk into a club or a restaurant with two beautiful women, the people around you won’t just be twice as impressed. They’ll be blown away because most guys simply can’t pull off the multiple beautiful women experience. You will be turning heads and getting attention the moment you walk in the door. Are you prepared for that kind of attention? Can you handle being that kind of player? Because that’s the kind of status we can give you. We will make those around you absolutely blown away by how incredible you seem. In their eyes, you will be a player among players.

Hiring New York Escorts Absolutely Beats Traditional Dating

Are you still not convinced? Are you wondering if you can afford to book one of our escorts? New York escorts are absolutely better than traditional dating, and they are both more cost effective and more time efficient compared to the old fashioned way of meeting women, The conventional, traditional model of dating is actually much more expensive than you might think. The idea of spending a few hundred dollars to book one of our beautiful, professional escorts might seem like a lot of money at first. What we think you’ll realize, though, is that it’s much more affordable than dating the old fashioned way. This is because the traditional dating model has all kinds of hidden costs built into it, both in terms of money, but also in terms of time.

The way you used to meet women is a terrible grind. You go to bars, nightclubs, and other places where girls hang out. There, you’ll have to spend money. It could be cover charges, it could be drinks, or whatever else, but it’s not something you can do for free. Especially in bars and similar places, you’ll be buying drinks for attractive women you talk to or that you’re trying to flirt with. A lot of women will be more than happy to let you do that, too, without any intention of ever giving you more than the time of day. They’ll flirt with you a little, string you along, and let you buy them all kinds of drinks, but they have no intention of going home with you. You may waste all kinds of hours standing around bars and nightclubs, listening to terrible, loud music, and trying in vain to get the attention of a woman (many of whom are traveling in packs with other girls, and who delight in shooting down guys for sport), and generally watching your free time just disappear out from under you. Come Monday morning, what will you have to show for all that time and effort?

Let’s say you get lucky enough to make the beginning of a connection. Problem solved, right? Now maybe you have a girlfriend? Well, it’s not that simple. You’ve got to shovel constant effort and maintenance into that relationship. You’ve got to worry about impressing her enough, each and every time, to be able to get another date with her. This means you’ll have to spend a lot more money taking her out to dinner, buying her cards and flowers, and doing other things intended to pass the ongoing audition so you can always secure that next date. Fail at any time, disappoint her in any way, and it’s over for you. Suddenly she won’t answer your texts or your calls and she’s always busy if she picks up by mistake. Then you’ve got nothing to show for all the time and money you’ve spent trying to make this all happen.

You might think, “Well, I’ll just turn to Internet dating.” Sure, there are lots of guys who do that. Maybe they are tired of the bar scene and the whole nightclub thing, and they’ve decided that maybe it would be better to meet women online through a computer dating service. There are certainly plenty of those out there, and there are also hook up sites and services. The hookup sites and apps don’t make any real pretense of finding you someone to date, or connecting you with someone with whom you’ll see some kind of deep and meaningful connection. Instead they just put people who are all in the market for sex into a shallow kind of competition pool where “swiping right” or “swiping left” makes the difference between meeting up with someone or not meeting up with someone.

Well, how are you going to get a woman’s attention on an online dating site when your message is just one of hundreds? Attractive women are always outnumbered by guys on these hookup websites and dating sites. There are always more lonely men out there than there are women, because attractive women can always find someone willing to be with them. They just have to reign in their naturally unpleasant attitudes long enough to snare some guy, and before you know it, they are controlling him and telling him what he’s allowed to do, and generally running his life for him. But the average guy, online, is fighting to get noticed from among a sea of other dudes. It isn’t easy, and it isn’t cheap. You’ve got to fork over big bucks for paid memberships in a lot of adult dating and hookup sites, because if you don’t, you can’t contact the people you’d like to contact, and you can’t view messages that are sent to you. This is how the sites make their money.

Take away the money you spend outright on traditional dating and you’re still losing money in another way, and that is in terms of your time. You can’t ever get those hours back once you’ve wasted them, but have you considered the value that the time has in and of itself? Every hour you spend wasting your time trying to date someone is an hour you could have been spending doing almost anything else, from your work to something you might actually enjoy. When you waste time, you waste money. There is a utility cost to every hour spent trying and failing to make a connection with a woman.

What solves all of these problems? It’s booking our New York escorts. New York escorts are the best possible way to enjoy the company of a beautiful woman without all the hassle and expense that is associated with traditional dating. Not only is it much, much more convenient to date a New York escort because you can schedule specifically which hours are convenient for you, but when the date is over, she just leaves. There’s no mess, there’s no fuss, and you don’t have to worry about her making demands on you and your time. And if you want another date, all you have to do is book her again! It’s just that easy. We take the dating process and we hand you back your power. We give you the ability to truly enjoy yourself again, while making this proposition a very cost effective one. You only have to pay for the booking and the date itself. There are no hidden costs. Everything about it is superior in every way to the traditional, conventional model.

Hire an Escort: New York Escorts Compared to Traditional Girls

Every man has a few horror stories to tell when it comes to the drama and baggage of ordinary women. Let’s be honest: Women are really just factories for drama. When you date a woman, a “normal” woman who is not a professional entertainer, you know from long habit that you are buying into all of her problems. Her problems become yours, and her awkward or unpleasant relationship with her family becomes your problem too. Does she have a psycho ex-boyfriend? Well, you better get used to dealing with him, because he’s your problem now. And if she’s got kids, as so many young women do these days, that’s your problem to deal with too. A lot of men try hard not to date women with kids because if things don’t work out well, that just complicates everything further, to say nothing of how the little cock-blockers can interfere with trying to date a woman who has to deal with taking care of her children.

A man who dates a woman is basically auditioning the whole time, as we’ve discussed elsewhere on the site. He’s trying to get her to allow him to go out with her again. He is trying to impress her. If he screws up, if he fails in any way, all of his time and effort are wasted and he has nothing to show for it when she tells him to “lose her number” and moves on to the next sucker. This repeated cycle of wasting time and resources, only to eventually face rejection, can be really demoralizing. It’s not easy to deal with.

A New York escort, by contrast, is there for you. She’s there to make you happy. She brings none of her drama or baggage to the date. And when the booking is complete, she goes away, and you never have to deal with her again unless you want to. This is the beauty of hiring a New York escort. New York escorts are far superior to “normal” women. You owe it to yourself to secure the services of one of our professional entertainers right away. Don’t wait, and don’t forego your fantasies for another minute. Achieve the dating enjoyment you have always wanted and that you didn’t think were possible. That is the service we provide and the value that we always add.

Increase Your Confidence with All Women

There’s another really good reason that you should consider hiring a New York escort, and that is that New York escorts are great for your confidence. Think about how difficult it is to focus on just about anything else when you are in the company of a very beautiful, sexy young woman. This is an effect hard-wired into your genetics. Most men find it very, very hard to concentrate when it comes to being around beautiful girls. That’s just a fact of nature. But what do women value in a man? They like a man who has confidence. They like a man who is smooth. They don’t want a man who will fawn all over them or stare at them in wide-eyed wonder, even if they think that to themselves. No, deep down, what every woman wants is a man who can take charge, a man with strength and confidence who knows who he is and knows what he wants.

Well, how can you develop the type of confidence that women find desirable? There’s only one way, and that is experience through practice. And of course that’s almost a catch-22 under normal circumstances. You can’t get a beautiful woman to agree to date you if you aren’t smooth and confident, but you can’t get smooth and confident with beautiful women until you’ve dated some of them. Well, now you can cut that loop in half and actually get the experience you need by booking one of our escorts. New York escorts are beautiful, sexy women who are trained to be great dates for you. If you want to get more comfortable going out with and talking to women like this, they can help you to do just that by giving you an opportunity to get used to the idea.

No matter how scary or unusual something is at first, the more you do it, the more you take it for granted. Once you take for granted the idea of being close to beautiful women, talking to them, laughing with them, and having a good time, you will become a much more confident man. Book one of our New York escorts today! Take the shortcut to becoming exactly the kind of man that all women find more attractive. We can help you to help yourself.

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New York Escorts Beat Internet Dating Every Time
Have you ever stopped to think just why it is you believe what you do about romance, dating, and how to find women the old-fashioned, traditional, conventional way? It’s because, like anyone in our world, you’ve been taught to think like that. You’ve been conditioned, if you will. From the first moments you were aware of what it means to be romantically involved with someone, to believe that there’s a very specific reason to date, and a very specific order in which to do things. This traditional model of dating, this conventional means of meeting women, gaining their trust, going out with them, and eventually bringing them home for romance, in the short term or in the long term, has been inflicted on you by a society that doesn’t actually care about you, the man. Everything about traditional, conventional dating is geared toward making the woman’s life easier. It’s built around making her happy, making her feel special, and treating her as if she is the only person in the world. In all things, it is the man’s job to be subordinate to her. If she is not happy, he is not happy, and his happiness is irrelevant to the equation.

Is this the world you want to live in for the rest of your romantic life? Or would you like to find another way, a better way? Would you like to finally take control of your dating life? Well, you may be thinking you can do that if you try Internet dating. This has been sold to you as the better option, as the best new way. But it’s not, because it’s really no better than the old way of dating. What’s that? You thought it was an improvement? That’s because you were meant to think so. New York escorts are far better than any Internet dating method you’re likely to find. The nature of that superiority is found in the nature of professional escorts. New York escorts are a breed apart, a cut above, something special, because they are professional entertainers and not amateur women. They know how to take better care of a man than any non-professional woman can or will, and it all starts because they represent a means of breaking out of the traditional man-and-woman paradigm of traditional, conventional dating. Let’s talk a little bit about what that means, because it’s extremely important. We’ve already touched on it on this website, but it bears emphasis because it is so different from what you’ve been told your romantic life should be about.

Remember, we’re talking about all this in the context of Internet dating. So many people believe that they can improve their chances of meeting someone by using an Internet dating site. On the surface, it seems almost logical. After all, it would take a lot of time and physical resources to meet and reach all of the women, in person, that you can meet on an Internet dating site. That’s the draw, after all. There is no way to apply a “search engine” to real life people the way there is to apply to searching on an Internet dating site. So men come to these sites thinking that maybe they will increase their chances of finding successful romance by increasing the pool of women they have to choose from. The old fashioned way of dating and meeting people is even slower, after all.

You’ve got to drag yourself out to clubs and bars, try to get women to notice you, buy drinks for them, chat them up, get shot down for what seems like time after time, and generally do your best to get a woman to have a conversation with you. This is a process that is painfully slow, and it also does nothing for your confidence and self-esteem. You’ll find you get shot down again and again. Some women, in fact, even make a sport of shooting down guys, especially if they can do it in front of their girlfriends. That’s why it’s harder to approach a woman who is hanging out with a big group of their friends. Often, an attractive girl’s less attractive friends will try to cock-block you just because she’s the kind of miserable old hag who can’t stand to see her prettier friends meet a man when she has no chance of doing so. And that’s something about Internet dating that we’re going to have to address. It’s not particularly polite to say it, but it’s true, and that is that Internet dating is where ugly women go to find dates.

Think about the women you know. Most of them, if they are reasonably attractive, have no trouble at all finding men who will go out on dates with them. All they have to do, really, is say yes, because at any given moment there are any number of guys orbiting them who would be more than happy to finally get a “yes” from this girl. A woman like that doesn’t spend her time filling out Internet dating site profiles, because she’s got better options. She doesn’t have to meet strangers. She can pick from the pool of men she knows any time she is feeling like she wants some companionship, and she knows that we live in a world where if she doesn’t want there to be strings attached, there won’t be. That’s the power that attractive women, even women who are only moderately attractive, all seem to have in our society. They are in the driver’s seat and they know it. So why would a woman go to an Internet dating site? She goes there because she’s desperate to find a man, and she knows that the Internet dating site is one way she can hide her problems, her issues, or her deficiencies from potential dates.

That’s why so many of the women on Internet dating sites are so very ugly. Most of them are fat and disgusting, because they are the desperate ones. And the thing of it is, men outnumber women on dating sites by so much, that desperate men will often lower their expectations accordingly. They’ll start treating these fat women like the women are special, and those women will develop attitudes that really belong on much more attractive women. They’ll start replying selectively to their messages… and where does that leave you? Taking a lot of attitude and not getting much else from a bunch of unattractive women who, if they were in a club, would never get the time of day from most guys, even the guys who don’t have a very high opinion of themselves. When you look at the photos on our website of our New York escorts, and you compare these top-shelf, incredibly attractive women to the profile pictures on an Internet dating site, you’ll quickly realize that with our girls, you are getting one hundred percent quality all the way. You are never settling for less with our ladies. You are always getting the company of a woman who is very much worth your time and money because she’s so much better than the average you’re going to get out there… and leagues and worlds away from the garbage you’ll find on an Internet dating site.

But, let’s just say for the sake of argument that you’re determined to make the whole Internet dating thing work. Well, the first thing you’re going to have to do, friend, is empty out your wallet. You may think that hiring the time of a beautiful, professional New York escort is a little expensive. The thing is, when you look at it in the context of all the money you’ll spend on the old-fashioned dating process, it suddenly doesn’t look like that much money at all. You’ll shell out all kinds of money just setting up your account and getting yourself a premium membership, something you’ll have to pay every month unless you’re willing to pay an even bigger fee all in one lump sum for a year’s worth of membership, or maybe even for three months at a time.

But how do you know you’re going to be paying for that dating site a year from now? If the site worked, wouldn’t it make no sense to be paying for a membership a year at a time? It’s like they actually expect you to fail, and that should tell you something about their business model. Strictly and honestly put, you can’t trust Internet dating sites, because if they really did what they say they do, they would be out of business! If every member who signed up for the site, or even just a significant percentage of members, found someone to be with quickly and easily, then those people wouldn’t pay for memberships for very long. Yet that’s not how the dating sites approach their billing model, is it? It’s as if the fix is in… and they know that a year from now, two years from now, or three years from now, you’ll still be single no matter what you try to do. Isn’t that sad? Isn’t that unfortunate?

So you know right from the outset that they’re trying to get you locked in and paying, not trying to find you a woman for romance and fun. And you know also from the outset that the quality of the women you’ll be finding will be very poor, especially compared to the quality of the women who are on our staff as New York escorts. Escorts, New York or otherwise, are much better than the “amateur” women who desperately seek companionship on sites like that, because they know the score. They are confident, they are self-assured, and they know how to show a man a good time. But okay, you’re determined to go the Internet dating route still? Well, that means you’ll have to wonder if everyone who contacts you is even a real person. That’s right: There are a number of tricks that Internet dating sites use to keep you interested and keep you paying. After all, if you paid your monthly membership, month and month and day after day, for an entire six months or a year, and you still had no dates and no activity to show for it, you might be tempted to give up and stop paying. The dating sites don’t want that, do they? So they employ a variety of cute little computer tricks to make you want to pay for your membership. One of the most obvious of these is locking down non-paying memberships in terms of the features offered.

In other words, the dating sites will stop you from being able to check your messages, or check out people or profile flirting with you, unless you pay for a membership. They may limit how you write back or respond, or how others contact you (or whether you can contact them) based on profile status. And some of the trickier sites will even generate spam messages to your account, making you think you have messages that you need to check from people who are interested in you. That’s how they get you to keep paying for your membership, by making it so you can’t see those messages until you have paid up. And a lot of the sites are actually generating fake interest from fake accounts. One famous hookup site even had algorithms that pretend to chat with guys. That’s right: The computer was talking to these horny men, making them think they were flirting with an eligible young lady, when in fact they were simply talking to a sophisticated computer program. That particular site got hacked and it was determined that there were almost no active female members on it. There were just a bunch of desperate guys who were being bilked out of their money in hopes of actually meeting someone. It was all very sad, and a demonstration of just how inferior Internet dating is when compared to New York escorts.

So you’re paying out big bucks for an Internet dating site membership, but chances are good you’re not getting your money’s worth. The dating pool of eligible women is inferior, made up of unattractive pigs who are really just desperate to find men, and your fellow Internet dating site participants who are male are just desperate and letting themselves be fooled. Does this sound like a formula for romantic success? It’s definitely not, compared to New York escorts. New York escorts are the best you’re going to find, and far superior to this type of madness. But if you still insist on trying, think about what your Internet dating site membership is going to get you.

First of all, in order to make the Internet dating thing work, if that’s what you can call it, you’ve got to try and get a woman’s attention. That means sending messages and trying to chat with women on the site. The better sites will tell you how likely it is that someone will reply to you. Imagine how it must feel to be looking at a woman who is only a 5 out of 10 who nonetheless “replies selectively.” Yet that is what you’ll be dealing with when you do the whole Internet dating thing. And we guarantee that when you send messages to these women, you are just one man out of hundreds in the sausage festival that is the typical Internet dating site. These women can afford to pick and choose. Even if you’re a good choice, even if you have plenty of qualities that would make one of these women want to read your message, how will they notice it in the slurry of all the hundreds of other messages they have waiting for them every time they log in? The Law of averages is simply against you. You’re going to get lost in the shuffle, in the background noise of all those other men trying to get their attention. What this most often looks like is that you send message after message, and instead of being rejected, you just never hear from anyone at all. It’s just a big, awful silence. Eventually, you’ll give up because you won’t be getting any results. That’s human nature, after all. Why would you simply keep beating your head against the wall, day after day, when you’re not actually making any romantic connections for your time and your trouble?

Right now you might be thinking, “Okay, that’s the downside to Internet dating, but knowing that, I can just choose a better site or app, like a hookup site.” Well, let’s talk about hookup sites while we’re at it. These have been presented as the next big thing in Internet dating. They do have one thing going for them, although they still don’t hold a candle to New York escorts. New York escorts are always better than trying to meet someone randomly, but let’s dig into it a little bit: When you use a hookup site, you’re basically saying you want to meet someone with the anticipation of something immediate and romantic with them. You’re choosing a photo at random and then trusting that the person who shows up will actually be who they say they are. You don’t know anything about them. They’re not professionals. They’re not vetted in any way. But you’re just going to jump into something romantic with someone when all you know is a few lines of text and that you thought their photo was hot enough to swipe in the correct direction? Honestly, that strikes us as pretty dangerous. We’re not sure how many of these hookup site dates go horribly wrong, but it has to be a fairly significant number of them. Yet there are so many people who think meeting amateurs, even possible psychos, through a hookup app is an acceptable step above Internet dating!

There is only one thing that hookup sites do that is better than traditional dating, and that is that they are not traditional dating. You don’t want a hookup site or some hookup app randomly installed on your phone. You want a professional entertainer whose background has been vetted and who has been trained in how to treat you properly. There are no guarantees when you meet an amateur through a hookup site. You don’t know what you’re getting, you don’t really know how they will behave, and there’s really no guarantee that you aren’t being set up from the get go. You’ve probably heard about people who meet through Craigslist or Backpage who then get harmed in any of several ways. Is that really how you want to conduct your romantic life… to say nothing of the kind of risky personal behavior in which people who use hookup sites are likely to engage? It just isn’t a good trade-off when you consider that the alternative, booking the time of a beautiful and professional New York escort, is so much better.

New York escorts offer you safety, a guarantee of satisfaction, and high quality. Instead of settling for whatever you can find or attract, instead of going through the painful dating game process that is Internet dating, you can just contact us, book the young woman you want to spend time with, and then have her show up promptly for the time and location that the two of you have agreed on. Nothing could be simpler or easier… and yet the guarantee you get is so much better than the one you might get under almost any other situation, bar none. That is to say, there aren’t any guarantees when you date through any other means. This is the difference that New York escorts offer, and this is why you should consider booking the time of one of our incredibly beautiful young women today. Get things rolling right now and there’s no limit to how wonderful your life can become! It’s all right here for you, today, right now.

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Become the Man You’ve Always Wanted to Be: Understanding Evolutionary Psychology

New York escorts can improve your self-image, your self-confidence, and your picture of yourself as a man. Become the man you have always wanted to be with New York escorts. We aren’t just talking about your ability to attract sexy, desirable women, either. We’re talking about your ability, developed through spending time with our New York escorts, to achieve your goals and dreams in every other area of your life. Wouldn’t you like to achieve a greater degree of success in everything that you do? Wouldn’t you like to become a “smooth operator” when you interact with other people? These are all factors affected by confidence. Your confidence as a man is what marks you as an alpha male, rather than a more submissive beta male. Your confidence as a man makes all the difference in the world, and can mean the difference between receiving disrespect or respect from other people. No, confidence can’t solve all your problems, but without it, you simply can’t get very far in your life. A confident man, an alpha male in other words, is very much valued by women (and by his fellow men). That’s because alpha males represent exactly that it is women have always wanted, from their earliest historical and evolutionary development. So let’s discuss, for a little while, what it is about beautiful New York escorts that can change your life and make you a more confident alpha male of a human being. And to do that, we’ve got to talk about why it is that being an alpha male (rather than a less assertive, less confident “beta male”) is so important.

So, really, what do we mean by “alpha male?” It’s a term that a lot of people really don’t take the time to think about. For a lot of people, it’s an abstract idea, not a concrete concept or definition. It has to do with the fact that male power and prestige are hierarchical in nature. Some men have more power and command more value in the eyes of others. Some have less. A man who is powerful, a man who is good looking, a man who is strong… he inspires others. He is seen as a leader. He is seen as desirable. If a man has a great deal of money, if he has a great deal of political influence, or if he otherwise commands a high value in the eyes of others, especially women, he is considered an alpha male. People admire him and want to be him. Men respect him. Women desire him. This is all what it means to be an alpha male, and when it comes to getting the affections of the most attractive women, and getting the best promotions, and getting ahead in life overall, then you want to be an alpha male. The alpha male is the one who wins when a confrontation occurs. He is the one who is seen as better. The alternative to being an alpha male is being a beta male. Beta males are the also-rans. They are the males who back down in confrontations. They are the ones the alpha males boss around. Alpha males are leaders, while beta males are followers. When two men walk into a bar, a man and his wing-man, it is the alpha male who gets the attention of the most attractive women.

Why are more and more men turning to New York escorts? It’s because they understand the deck is stacked against them in traditional relationships. This stacking of the deck isn’t something that was done consciously by anyone. It’s a function of what’s called “evolutionary psychology,” which is the study of how our genetic history, our evolution down through the years, affects how we behave. Evolutionary psychology has a lot to do with how women and men interact and there is not a lot that can be done to change it. Thousands, even millions of years of human development have caused men and women to behave in very specific ways. While we are all capable of making our own decisions, the fact is that our evolution, and our genetic heritage, has a lot more to do with how we make decisions than we would like to think it does, and this has specific, direct bearing on how women choose the men in their lives. As a good deal of your life up to now has been spent trying to get into the company of women, especially beautiful women, this is very relevant to your needs and interests. It also has a great deal to do with how you see our beautiful New York escorts, and how being seen with them can affect how other people see you. This is all rooted in how your genes are wired, and in how you evolved over the centuries.

Take men, for example. All men have the genetic urge to carry on their bloodline, to propagate their genetic material in the form of having children. Back in ancient times, when human beings had almost nothing to sustain them and no real resources to keep them alive, the strength of your genes was all that made the difference between living and dying. Either you were strong and healthy and genetically predisposed to staying that way, or you were weak and feeble and you tended to die out, taking your bloodline along with you. With the weak human dying almost immediately, the strong were left, and that is where we get the saying, “the strong will survive,” or variations on that theme. The strong, healthy men, who were the biggest and the most powerful among their ancient tribes, competed among each other for the attentions of the most desirable women in their tribes. This competition is at the root of all women’s valuation of men. In other words, every woman, when she sees a man for the first time or the fiftieth time, makes a calculation in her head, even if she is not consciously aware she is doing it. She decides whether that man is valuable enough for her to sleep with, for her to give her body to. This may even be just in theory. It doesn’t mean that a woman who is married looks at every man and considers cheating on her husband with those men. But in her head, even subconsciously, she evaluates whether she would have sex with every man she meets. Men, too, make this evaluation (although in honesty they probably say “yes” to a lot more of the women they meet in their heads than women do). And there is a very good reason why men and women have different levels of selectivity when it comes to their decisions to have sex.

You see, men are driven to have sex with as many women as possible. It’s in their genetic nature. Men are able to have sex, and able to make a woman pregnant, well into their advanced age. There is one man, a journalist, who is seventy and who famously has recently fathered a child. Men, and their sperm, remain viable well into old age, and provided their hearts are healthy enough for sexual activity, even very old men are perfectly capable of having sex and fathering children. A man with access to multiple women will typically impregnate those multiple women, becoming the father to many different half siblings. This was more common in ancient times than it is today (although there are places where it is quite common even in the modern world). Men are genetically possessed of the desire to have as many children as they can because this passes their bloodlines on to as many women as possible. Everything that men desire in a woman is based on this genetic line to see their offspring born, cared for, and raised to be adults.

What this means is that men, since ancient times, desired the most attractive women in the tribe because these were the healthiest, fittest, and most likely to survive women from among the available partners. The healthier the mother was, the greater the chance the child would healthy, and the lower the chance the child would die during childbirth (or the mother, for that matter). Men are therefore genetically preprogrammed to find toned, fit, healthy women very attractive for this reason. They may not realize when they are looking at a sexy girl, but this is the same reason that men of all ages are attracted, not necessarily to women their own age, but to women in the prime sexual years for young women, say from eighteen to nearly thirty (but not much older). No matter how much you preach at men in modern society to think these women aren’t the sexiest, you will fail. No matter how much you preach body image and body positivity, no matter how many times you tell men they are sexist or shallow for liking sexy, fit women, you are going to be disappointed. It’s not about culture and it’s not about sexism. It’s about genetics, which backs up century after century of genetic evolution in programming what men want and what they find attractive.

So women who are fat, out of shape, and generally not healthy will always been seen as unattractive, even if they have otherwise pleasant facial features. And women with unpleasant facial features generally have genetic flaws (which express themselves, most overtly, as unattractive facial features among other things, if not outright defects like a cleft palate or some other issue). So when a woman rejects an ugly woman for being ugly, he is not being shallow. On some subconscious level his body is recognizing that this woman has a lesser chance of giving him a healthy baby. Now, please understand, it’s not that every man looks at every woman in terms of having children. He doesn’t make these evaluations consciously. He makes them subconsciously, because that is how his brain is programmed. When you look at the sexy New York escorts on our bio pages, when you look at their long legs and their toned stomachs and the curves of their hips and their rear ends, why is that sexy to you? Why do you look at those pictures and get turned on? It’s because those images, those expressions of the healthy female body, are talking to your genetic heritage. They’re speaking to what is preprogrammed in your brain, telling you what is sexy even if you’re not aware of it.

A healthy sex partner, therefore, gives a man, who is driven to propagate his bloodline with as many women as possible, the best chance to father healthy children. And men are likewise genetically programmed to want to be with multiple women because this also increases their chances of spreading their bloodlines. The more partners they have, the greater the likelihood of success. That is why no matter how happy a man is in his current relationship, no matter how many beautiful women he sleeps with, no matter how content he is with his current romantic life, he will always be open to new and different partners who are also sexy women. It is for this same reason that a man who is with a stunningly beautiful woman will eventually feel the drive to be with a different woman for the sake of variety. It is his genetic preprogramming speaking to him, telling him on a subconscious level to spread his seed. The more times he is a father, the more pregnant women he creates, the better his chances.

So where is the connection between all this and our New York escorts? What do New York escorts have to do with how your genetic evolution has programmed you to want to be with as many attractive, beautiful women as possible? Well, in ancient times, it wasn’t the weaker beta male who got to be with as many sexy women as possible. It was the alpha males, the dominant, high-value males who commanded more respect, who got to have sex with as many women as possible. And of course in ancient times you had to fight for dominance, which is why traditionally in the animal world, male animals also fight each other to see whose bloodline will survive and whose will die out. They fight each other to see who will get access to the most desirable females. If you fail, if you are a beta male, your bloodline dies out because you do not get to propagate your seed. A man who is seen as being of high value is a man seen by women as worthy of their time and attention. He’s a man that those women will be willing to sleep with. And this brings us back around to evolution and how our bodies work, because it has to do with how women make the choice to be with a man.

Men choose women who are physically attractive. They care about almost nothing else. They don’t care if a woman has power or influence. They don’t care if a woman has a great job. They don’t care if a woman is intelligent. They don’t care if a woman has other skills, on the job or in the home. All they care about, fundamentally, is whether that woman is attractive, and whether she seems likely to be enjoyable to have sex with. A woman who looks good and who enjoys sex can pretty much write her ticket if she is beautiful enough. She can be with almost any man she throws herself at, and she can stay in his good graces for as long as she is willing to treat him right. This is based solely on the fact that men don’t care about most other factors. Their genetic heritage drives them to choose the attractive women no matter what. This is why rich, powerful men sometimes choose strippers or other nobodies, pluck them out of obscurity, and make them their wives. It is also why men of royal bloodlines often pick “commoners” to be with them. They base their choice on attractiveness alone.

Women are very different, and they, too, owe their decision-making process to their genetic heritage. A woman can only bear the child of one man at a time. While she is pregnant, she is generally helpless. She can only have so many children over the course of her life. When her biological clock runs out, when menopause hits, she will be unable to produce more offspring. So she must be extremely selective in her choices of partners. She must choose a man who can protect her while she is helpless. She must choose a man whose genetic heritage will ensure a strong offspring. In other words, she must have a high-value man, a man of power and prestige, a man who is worthy of having his bloodline occupy her womb for nine months while leaving her totally helpless. That means that women will always choose a man who has power and influence, a man who is both attractive and strong and who commands respect. They will always be drawn to men with resources, men who command respect. They want alpha males, in other words. And if you want to draw and attract as many women as possible, if you want to be seen as valuable by as many women as possible, then you need to become an alpha male.

What you may not realize is that between ancient times and now, there has been an interesting shift in how male-female politics work. Given how men and women are genetically programmed to see different qualities making men or women desirable, this is very important. Men want attractive, sexy women. Women want men with power, influence, and resources. This is their genetic heritage and it is what drives them. Men want to be with as many women as they can be with. Women want men who are as high-value as possible. Well, in ancient times, this meant the alpha males impregnated multiple women. They got the best of the tribe all to themselves. The beta males were denied access to attractive women. They either had to make do with less attractive women, or they were denied the ability to procreate at all. They were left out in the cold, so to speak, if they were not alpha males. But things began to change when society adopted monogamy. When even high-value males were expected to take only one mate, this left more of the eligible, attractive females available for more of the men in the tribe. This meant that over the years, a greater number of men had access to spreading their bloodlines.

Things have changed back to the way they were in ancient times as the monogamous institution of marriage has broken down. As more and more men leave traditional relationships behind, either in favor of serial, non-committal dating or in favor of booking beautiful New York escorts, that means that a few men who do choose to impregnate women, the high-value alpha males, have access to a greater pool of ladies and are taking more of those women for themselves. This leaves the beta males back where they were in ancient times. They must make do with the dregs or they must admit they have been left behind completely, without access to attractive women. Well, if you are tired of trying to find a relationship in this very depressing backdrop, and regardless of whether you have decided you want to be seen as an alpha male, our agency exists to give you access to the very same attractive, desirable women that you once might have had to compete for. This isn’t ancient times… and it isn’t the days when traditional relationships were actual healthy. These days, a man who enters into a traditional relationship is basically going to get screwed no matter what he does. This is just a fact: Traditional, conventional dating always puts the man at a disadvantage.

The solution to all these problems, every single one of them, is booking the time of our attractive New York escorts. New York escorts are the very same gorgeous, desirable, sexy ladies you have always wanted to spend time with. But now, instead of competing for their attention, instead of trying to get into their good graces, instead of facing rejection, you can book time with one of these incredible ladies right now through our website. It’s really that simple. Booking a New York escort therefore is a primary value: It gives you the time, and the complete attention, of one of the very types of women you might once have tried desperately to gain the company of. But on a secondary level, booking New York escorts benefits you because it helps raise your value as a man in the eyes of others. It does this in two ways. The first is proximity, and the second is in cultivating confidence. Let’s talk about the second item first.

Confidence is something you either have or you don’t. So how do you go about cultivating confidence, that supremely important quality that marks you as an alpha male and helps you to be more successful in nearly everything in your life? Why, you book the time of one of our New York escorts. You see, every man wants the company of beautiful women. But most men find very beautiful women at least a little intimidating. They worry about saying the wrong thing or otherwise not being smooth operators. They worry they will do something to embarrass themselves or turn such a woman away from them. And other women can pick up on these fears and anxieties. They know when you are not comfortable around them, and they can sense a lack of confidence before you even try to make conversation.

When you book the time of one of our New York escorts, you are basically getting practice at being around some of the city’s most gorgeous women. When you take the time to get to know our girls, when you get more comfortable making conversation with them, when you start to take as a given that you are the sort of man who travels in the company of these stellar beauties, it will have a measurable effect on your confidence. You’ll start to become much more comfortable being around beautiful women, talking to them, finding topics of conversation that they find interesting, and so on. You’ll learn what “moves” work and which don’t. You’ll learn how to talk to young women and you’ll find how best to keep the conversation going with as few interruptions as possible. You’ll basically learn what it takes to be seen as “smooth,” and you’ll have all the opportunities you could ever want to practice. And you’ll be able to do all this with a woman whose job is not just to make sure you have a good time, but also to treat you right and give you the respect and attention you deserve. When was the last time, out on a date, that you felt like you had your date’s complete attention? With our beautiful New York escorts, you’ll have that attention and more. You’ll finally feel like you’re getting the best out of the dating process, and with no hang ups, no strings attached, no hassles, and nothing negative. You’ve probably come to expect a great deal of unpleasantness from the traditional dating process. With New York escorts, there is none of that. With New York escorts, you always get the respect you deserve.

Finally, there is your proximity to beautiful women. When you book the time of a New York escort, we completely understand if you’d like your time to remain discreet. You can count on us to protect your privacy. But there may be times when you want to be seen out on the town with a gorgeous woman. You may want to impress people… and booking a New York escort does just that. You see, every woman who sees you will be evaluating just how valuable you are as a man. And when you are walking with a gorgeous New York escort on your arm, other women will look at you and wonder what quality you have that makes such a woman spend time with you. Men who see you will be jealous, of course. They’ll want to know what you have that they don’t, and they’ll want to know how they, too, could get the time and attention of a sexy woman like your New York escort. But as you walk around with that luscious lady on your arm, you’ll be blowing people away with the type of man you must be: The type of man who travels in the company of top-shelf girls, who can get or “pull” any sexy young thing he wants or needs. It’s an immediate boost to your image and to your ego. It says great things about you no matter what they assume must be the reason that this gorgeous New York escort is with you. And don’t you want to be seen as that kind of baller?

When you book a New York escort, therefore, you can take her to any number of activities or venues. She can impress your coworkers at a business convention. She can impress your friends at a social function. She can wow your relatives at a family gathering. She can give you someone beautiful and interesting to talk to when you need to spend some time away at some venue that you find less than interesting. No matter what you need a New York escort to do, she is there for you, and she will cater to your every need. That’s the New York escort advantage. Our girls don’t just make you look good. They don’t just make you more confident. They don’t just raise your value as an alpha male. They’re also incredibly fun to be with, and that makes all the difference in the world.

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