Escort Profile: Kimberly

Kimberly is a mischievous girl who says she always remembers her clients. She never writes anything down, of course, but in her head, she has a little mental rolodex of all the men she’s dated, and she is very fond of remembering them and recalling what each one of them enjoyed most.  She is very enamored of the party lifestyle that is the life of a professional escort, and considers it an adventure that never ends.

“Meeting new people and going on dates with them is a real pleasure,” she says.  “It’s kind of like blind dates. People don’t realize how much fun a ‘blind’ date can be. The real pleasure of a blind date is that you get to meet somebody completely new, somebody unique, who isn’t someone you might ordinarily select. This is important, because when a woman selects her own dates, she tends to select with a certain pattern, a certain type, in mind. She might not even be doing it on purpose, but she does it anyway without thinking because it’s kind of ingrained in her, just sort of part of her makeup as a person. This is why some girls always seem to date a certain kind of guy, and if that kind of guy isn’t a very good one, those same girls complain a lot. ‘Why do I always date jerks who use me?’ is a common complaint from girls like that. Well, honey, I’d say off hand that the reason all the guys you date are jerks and users is because it’s you who is picking them. When you decide to go out on a blind date, you get a chance to break your own patterns, your own ingrained preferences, and you get, through the beautiful random luck of a random draw, something new and different. You may discover a completely new type of guy who becomes one of the types you like. You may end up having a uniquely interesting discussion with someone who you might never strike up a conversation with otherwise. It’s a great opportunity to introduce to your life some great new variety. I think every girl should push herself, get out of her comfort zone, and enjoy a blind date now and again. Another fun way to date is what they call ‘speed dating.’ That is fun specifically for the amount of variety it manages to pack into a very short amount of time. When you speed date, you’re just being inundated with possibilities. Here’s a guy with a jock personality. Here’s a guy with an artist personality. Here’s a guy with an ambitious businessman personality. From the perspective of the guy doing it, it has to be just as good. Here’s a beautiful girl with a gorgeous rack who might be kind of high maintenance. Here’s a quiet girl who probably is great in bed who has that kind of look to her that you associate with someone who’s a real freak, in a good way. Here’s a vivacious red-headed girl who can fill your nights with fun and who just promises all the energy that only a very amped up, passionate young lady can offer you. Speed dating is like this marvelous buffet of wonderful new people, all crammed into a very short time, and you are encouraged to enjoy yourself and try new things. Show me another thing in life where there’s so much fun in so short a time or small a space. It’s probably illegal, fattening, or somehow otherwise wrong. But when you speed date, you can kind of add special people to your collection. There’s nothing wrong with making new acquaintances. There’s nothing more fun than adding contacts to the list of people in this world you can interact with. The more people there are that you know, the more fun you can conceivably have. That’s why my personal life and my work life are so much fun. That’s another reason that I really enjoy my job, too. Imagine that you can’t separate all the fun and exciting adventure you have when you’re off the clock, from the all the fun and exciting adventure you have when you’re working. Can you just imagine what it’s like, knowing that when your employers ask you to do something, what they’re really saying is, ‘Hey, go out and have fun on the town with this guy who is taking you out, won’t you? And do be sure to treat the whole thing like one long party, and tomorrow we’ll have another night out, and the day after that we’ll have another, and if you’re not careful you’ll hit the weekend feeling like you’ve already partied the other five days of the week, because you did.’ Isn’t that amazing? I would be tempted to say I don’t know why every pretty girl doesn’t do this, but I actually do know. Not every girl is cut out to party all the time. This life is a pretty demanding one. You’ve got to have the stamina to keep up with this party lifestyle.”

Kimberly is confident that she, at least, has what it takes to stay in the job, and the lifestyle of a professional escort, for as long as men find her desirable.  “I realize that when you do something like this, there’s always a decision you have to make. One day, your looks might go. If they do, you’ve got to seriously consider whether you want to change professions. It helps to have something you can fall back on.  But while you can, when you can live this lifestyle, when you can party every day and every night, of course you would do so. There isn’t a one of us who wouldn’t at least try it. Some girls don’t measure up and some can’t take the pressure, and those are the ones who kind of drift off after a little while. But the real party girls, they’re the ones who stay in this and who are prepared to keep going and going.”

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