Escort Profile: Tonya

Our popular escort Tonya enjoys socializing with her friends and also amateur car racing, including forbidden street races. She is an aspiring actress who also enjoys amateur pole dancing. She is bisexual and collects paintings. She grew up in something of a strict household, and she actually credits this for why she is such a “wild child” today, and why sometimes, once in a while, she likes to dye her hair an artificial fire-engine red.

Tonya credits growing up in a strict household with making her, at least in part, the woman she is today. “I think it’s natural for parents to want to shelter their children,” she says. “They want to keep them safe from all the dangers in the world, sure, and there isn’t a parent in the world who doesn’t feel that way as long as that parent loves his or her children. But in a strict household like mine, something else is at work. It’s the desire to shield children, not just from things that are dangerous, but from things that are naughty. Things that are sexy and flirty. When we suppress our sexuality like that, there are ramifications.”

And what are those ramifications? Tonya has some definite opinions on that, too. “Think about who the dirtiest girl was that you ever know, the nastiest one you can think of,” she says, laughing. “Someone who you met in your life, who shocked you with how sexy she was. Somebody who was truly wild. Now ask yourself if she came from a strict home or a loose one. I think you can draw your own conclusions. Why is a grown woman dressing up like a schoolgirl in a tight white shirt and a tiny plaid skirt such a turn on for so many men? Remember when that singer in the schoolgirl outfit first came on MTV and blew everybody’s mind dressing like that, with her incredibly sexy, sultry voice and her smoking hot body? She was like this collective fantasy who had suddenly become real. She was tapping into that same idea, that the more repressed and uptight you are early in life, the greater the chance you’ll have some kind of rebellion.”

Tonya thinks this had a bearing on her own rebellious nature. “Obviously,” she admits, “when I finally decided to become a wild child, it was in reaction to being told what to do when I was little. I wasn’t going to have that. I wasn’t going to let anyone control me. That’s kind of ironic when you consider the job I do and the fact that I love my work. I volunteer now to have other people tell me what they like and what they want, and I make a living fulfilling people’s fantasies. But I do that because I want to. Nobody’s forcing me. Nobody’s trying to control me. And I’ll tell you, nobody ever will.”

Tonya blushes when she talks about her own “wild child” years. “A body like this makes an impression,” she admits. “It can even be something like a hassle if you aren’t careful, or you don’t enjoy partying. But I do like to party. I like to get down. I like to be me. And I love how I look, especially when I dress sexy to go out for a night on the town, or when I doll myself up for a super smoking hot night at home. When I’m sitting there looking at myself in the mirror, I’m applying my war paint. I’m going in there to conquer my date. And sometimes, conquering him looks a lot like being conquered. And I’m not saying I don’t like it when my defenses come down. I like to get to know a man. I like to have him want to get to know me. I like when he looks deep into my eyes and I can feel his burning desire. That’s power. That’s love. That’s sex. That’s freedom. It’s everything to me.”

Tonya loves working as an escort. “Pick any night of the week, any group of people you’re with. If you want to go out dancing and having a great time until dawn and past that, you can do that. There’s always somewhere to dance. Always. It doesn’t matter if it’s four in the afternoon or four in the morning. I like dancing so much that it makes me happy to know that the urge to dance can hit me any time, any place, and I’ll be able to scratch that itch. I like to go to a dance club by myself and see just what sort of man I can leave that club with. I like to know that while I’m moving my body out on that floor, we can make eye contact and sort of feel each other out from across the room. I can hypnotize a man with my eyes. I can fix him with that bedroom look and tell him everything I want him to know about me without ever saying a word. Then, when he finally gets up the courage to ask, we can see where we’re taking this.”

Tonya also credits her wild streak with a willingness to dye her hair wild colors. “You notice a girl who has blue hair, or purple hair, or fire-engine red hair, don’t you? People associate a willingness to live wild like that with adventure, with passion, and with spirit. These are all great qualities in a girl but also very desirable qualities in a lover. Think about what you want when you’re with a girl. You don’t want her to be bored, or not to care. You want her to be full of spirit and passion. You want to know that someone with a strong spirit is with you, because that makes you special in turn. This is why I love being a wild girl. And this is why I always will be willing to give in to my wild side, to be everything I want to.”

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