And the fattest city is…

According to a new study, Memphis is the fattest city in the United States. Per the CDC, “more than a third of American adults and about 17 percent of young people were obese in 2012. That’s not even counting the overweight…┬áBy one estimate, Americans spend up to $315.8 billion annually on obesity-related medical treatment, elevating health-care costs exponentially for obese adults and children compared with healthier individuals.” Obesity, in other words, is a serious problem, which has both a healthcare cost associated with it, and other societal costs. Specifically, and this is us being totally honest, fat people are ugly.

Now, you know that fat people are ugly. Everyone does. It’s wired into us to find healthy people attractive, to find fit, toned people attractive. The people who are constantly pushing “fat acceptance” claim that our societal standards of beauty are some kind of “social construct,” that they’re not real. Or rather, they’re real but they’re arbitrary. So we’re told anyway. Apparently you only like a nice, firm, round ass and a toned, taut, flat stomach because society told you so. But of course every man knows that’s nonsense. You like what you like. It’s hard-wired into you. The women you find attractive ware women who have beautiful features, the ones who are in good shape and whose features are not freakish. You and I know what is and isn’t ugly because we react to what we see. Nobody had to teach us what was beautiful. It’s part of our genetic makeup. We like sexy ladies and we dislike fat, ugly ones.

But society is conspiring to make you believe that fat is beautiful — as long as the fast person is a woman. Oh, did we not get to that? There is no fat acceptance for men. Men who are fat are losers… didn’t you know? Because the same media in society that are constantly pushing this notion of being “beautiful at any size” think fat men are lazy, useless, and terrible fathers. We know because we see this message repeated over and over again in popular entertainment, from sitcoms to commercials to other themes. The man of the house is always the butt of every joke. His wife is much more attractive than he is, and too good for him; his children make fun of him and are disrespectful to him; he is constantly screwing things up and begging for forgiveness. His only redeeming quality is that he can earn a living to support all of these ungrateful people who treat him so poorly. But of course he is never “handsome at any size.” He is never given the same kind of “fat acceptance” that is pushed for women.

We are told over and over again that people do not pick their sexuality. Therefore people are supposed to be accepted for who they are and who they want to be with. Yet when it comes to men and their sexuality, we are told that what they want is bad and wrong. It is not acceptable for men to want attractive women only. They must also want fat and ugly women, because these women are also beautiful if society repeats it often enough. No less a cultural icon than the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue got in on the act recently, putting a plus-sized model on one of their covers. (They hedged their bets by not committing to a fat woman only, though. The plus sized model was only on one of four different covers. The rest of the women were, you know, swimsuit models, and therefore actually good looking.)

If you dare to say that you don’t find fat women attractive, you are told that you are a bad person. But there no plus-sized male models who are held up as icons of sexuality. Sure, there are male models who pose for plus-sized men’s catalogs, but it’s not the same thing. None of these men are famous and none of them are being held up as examples of how you can still be handsome and have sex appeal if you are very overweight. Why, then, is there such a standard for plus-sized women? Why is society pushing it? And what are we to do when, as men with healthy sex drives, we are told that our sexuality is bad and wrong because we actually want to be with attractive ladies?

The only way to opt out of all this nonsense is not to play the game. It’s like that old movie. Dating and traditional relationships are a strange game, and the only way to win them is not to play them at all. But men, healthy men, still desire the company of beautiful women. How do you achieve that if you’re not going to pursue the traditional methods of dating and relationships? And if your’e the sort of guy who has always wanted to be with a traditionally fit, attractive woman, someone who is young and beautiful, but you’ve never been the sort of guy who was really handy with the ladies, how do you manage to make this happen for you? What’s the key to breaking out of the old cycle of abuse and mistreatment that characterizes the traditional dating world?

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