Do women need surgery to stay desirable?

When Joan Rivers died, a lot of people wondered right away if it might not have been a complication as a result of plastic surgery.  It was no secret that Rivers had been operated on more than once, and frankly, all that plastic surgery didn’t do her any favors.  She didn’t look good and, arguably, she actually looked freakish. You have to wonder when you see a woman like that if it wouldn’t be better for her to have aged naturally.  But sometimes choosing NOT to have work done is just as big a mistake.  Actress Linda Hamilton, so noteworthy for her incredible body in Terminator 2, didn’t age well, and as far as anyone knows, has not had any surgery to augment her face.  As a result she kind of looks like a catcher’s mitt.  That’s an expression I had heard before but didn’t really understand until I saw what she looks like now.

There is a lot of talk these days about “cougars,” older women who are still hot enough (and hot enough to trot) to snare much younger men.  This is good for the younger men, who get to have sex with experienced, attractive women who know what they want, and it’s good for the older women, who get to feel young and also have sex with a man who is in his prime and capable of a great deal of vigor and stamina.  But there is also talk of how a woman hits a kind of wall as she ages.  There comes a day when, honestly, she simply isn’t attractive anymore.

We saw this on some of the old long-running gameshows, the ones that had been on television forever with the same stable of models to point at the prizes and so on.  When it came out that one of the hosts was busy sexually harassing his models, this was not a huge surprise, but the fact is, some of those older models were really starting to look like people’s grandmothers.

Plastic surgery is a very much double edged sword.  On the one hand, it can help you look better and younger.  On the other hand, you can’t keep getting plastic surgery and expect to stay thirty years old forever.  Take legendary actor Chuck Norris, for example.  Chuck has had a lot of work done over the years, and honestly, he has had just about every hair color that comes out of a bottle in that time.  He’s gotten so old that it’s hard for him to move around anymore, and this was obvious when he started using stunt people on his television shows to take the burden of the action he was engaged in filming.  Chuck tried to stay thirty years old all his life, and that just doesn’t work as you get older.  Other actors, like Clint Eastwood and even Bruce Willis, have allowed themselves to age with more dignity, and while they may have had work done (there’s no telling with Bruce, although Clint just looks really old now), they haven’t crossed over into anything freakish.

Then there are actors like Mickey Rourke, who used to be incredibly handsome in the prime of his career.  While he’s still a great actor, Mickey had some truly disastrous plastic surgery done on himself.  The same is true of people like singer Kenny Rogers.  These are men who just got surgery that makes them look like they are melting.  It doesn’t make them look younger, even when they wear wigs.  (Ted Danson famously wore a wig and took it off on the last episode of Cheers.)

The same is true for women.  You can only get your face stretched so many times before you start to look terrible.  And even young women, like Tara Reid, can get boob  job s that turn into absolute disasters.  A lot of Tara Reid’s problems were probably caused by drugs or drinking (although I don’t pretend to know if she was on drugs, it was pretty obvious she was  party girl back in the day).  She’s legendary for having some bad work done and as a result her body is kind of a trainwreck these days.  Or take Cher, who looks like some kind of face-frozen zombie, or Nancy Pelosi, who was famously the Speaker of the House.  Pelosi has bugged out eyes and a frozen forehead full of botox, probably.  None of these things make these women look better, just worse.  If anything, it draws attention to what they tried to do instead of hiding what they wanted to hide.

Women get older.  They pass through a period during which they are most desirable, from eighteen until their early thirties.  After that point, things start to go downhill for them. We notice this with our Hollywood celebrities because women we once lusted after and saw as icons of sexiness start to slowly wilt and wither as the years go by.  There’s nothing more tragic than when a sexy woman hits that wall and starts to fall apart.  Remember what happened to Britney Spears?  She wasn’t really in a position to need plastic surgery.  She just started doing drugs and got fat after she had kids.  Then she famously cut off all her hair, shaving herself bald.  She made a valiant effort to get her sexy back and really did make a serious comeback, but it was never quite the same as when she was in her sexy schoolgirl-outfit oops-I-did-it-again prime.  That window passes for all women and it is never a good thing.

So should a woman get plastic surgery in an effort to beat the ravages of time?  She can try, I guess.  But she has to do it in moderation. Try to do too much and you will only make the process of aging worse.  Getting old is bad enough.  Don’t highlight your flaws by getting bad or discount plastic surgery.  All surgery can endanger your life, too. It shouldn’t be undertaken lightly.  Make sure your lady understands this.


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